It’s awesome working in technology. It’s even more awesome working in technology in Austin. The small-city vibe encourages a sense of camaraderie amongst all of us that work in this field. It is the perfect environment for startups to share their ideas, and the TechCrunch event last night proved that we Austinites have much to offer the tech world.

Three of us ventured to The Stage on 6th last night to the TechCrunch Austin meetup to watch a startup “Pitch-Off.” Here is a summary of the winning startups. Be sure to check out their websites! We’ve included them below.

Winner: Front Cut Pro
To be quite honest, we were surprised that First Cut Pro won the Pitch-Off. Not because their pitch wasn’t rock solid (because it was!), but because film editing is such a specific industry and the app would be limited to a targeted number of individuals. However, we quickly realized that is what makes First Cut Pro so incredible. It’s not just another social media platform trying to insert  itself into an already saturated market. It’s a completely revolutionized way of handling feedback in film edits. Here’s how it works: instead of receiving feedback from multiple individuals in multiple formats (emails, voice messages, etc.), First Cut Pro delivers a simple platform that allows all involved parties to leave their time-stamped comments and suggestions in a centralized location. These comments can later be imported into the video software itself, making it impossible for client feedback to slip through the cracks. Our only question is this: Can they make some sort of Project Management version?


Runner Up: Embarkly
Those of us with pets know that one of the hardest parts of being a pet owner is making sure our furry friends are receiving good care. We want to make sure that we’ve chosen a quality kennel, or that the trainer we decided on is qualified. In today’s current market, these are tall orders to fill. Enter Embarkly, a site created to simplify finding pet care. It organizes trusted care providers into a single online marketplace, and includes “locations, pictures, reviews, amenities, and pricing” information. Think of it as an Orbitz for animals. Once you’ve decided on your service, you can book right there online. They weren’t exaggerating. It is that easy.


Audience Favorite : Camperoo
Camperoo was rightly chosen as the Audience Favorite. CEO Emmie Chang gave a great pitch, eloquently describing Camperoo’s goal of simplifying the planning of children’s activities. Like Embarkly, Camperoo is an online marketplace. It shows all of the children’s camps available in an area, making it easy for parents and children alike to see what their options are. As it turns out, there are a ton of them-Chemistry Kids, Robo Camps, and the Wilderness and Survival Clinic are just a few of the hundreds of camps available. It’s only a matter of time before Camperoo is a staple tool used by families across the nation.


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