SaaS Platform – Phase 1

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One quick thing before we begin, what is a SAAS?

A SaaS startup is a company that delivers software applications to customers over the internet through a subscription model. Instead of buying and installing software on their own computers or servers, customers access the software over the internet and pay a subscription fee for its use. The software is hosted in the cloud and managed by the SaaS provider.

From a technical standpoint, SaaS startups use cloud-based technology to host and deliver their software. They also employ modern software development practices like continuous integration and deployment to rapidly develop and update their products. SaaS startups may also use agile methodologies to efficiently develop software in small, iterative stages.

From a business perspective, SaaS startups are attractive to customers because they are easy to use, flexible, and scalable. Customers can access the software from anywhere with an internet connection, and can easily scale their usage up or down as their business needs change. For the SaaS provider, the subscription model provides a predictable revenue stream, and the cloud-based infrastructure allows for easy scalability and cost efficiency.

What CURTIS Digital did

CURTIS Digital is pleased to have been selected by the startup company, who wishes to remain unnamed, to provide professional web-based SaaS consultancy services. The project involves the development of a monetizable SaaS offering, which will provide basic user insights, team collaboration features, continuous integration, fleet management, message bus integrations, and security and compliance reporting features.

The business logic of the SaaS offering will be implemented as server components developed exclusively by the startup company. However, the company has decided to outsource the development of the web server front-end to a professional SaaS consultancy to benefit from their expertise and experience. The consultancy will focus on the development of user onboarding flows, support for multiple authentication methods, multi-tenant facilities, user preference management, and credit card billing integration.

To ensure the project stays within budget and meets the timeline, the UI design will be based on the original beta v1 interface. The project will be delivered in four distinct phases. The first phase, which will be delivered at the beginning of February 2023, involves the development of a visual representation of CLI environments, generations, change management logs, and packages.

The second phase, which will be delivered at the beginning of March 2023, will add facilities to upgrade environments on demand using compute resources provided by the CLI. The third phase, which will be delivered by mid-March 2023, will add a set of configuration forms for configuring the automatic upgrade features, and the fourth and final phase, which will be delivered at the beginning of April 2023, will provide a visual representation of CLI environments on client endpoints, along with status reporting.

CURTIS Digital’s expertise and experience in the SaaS space make us the ideal partner for this project. We have a deep understanding of various technologies and their applications across multiple markets, allowing us to deliver customized software solutions that drive results. We look forward to helping the startup company achieve their goals and take their business to the next level

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