Software Development

The Right blend of business and technical acumen. Building great software requires an understanding of the business, it’s users, the context of the solution, and the long term vision or the organization

At CURTIS Digital we consider ourselves pretty good at development, we often say the hard part is in the ideas but ideas can only bring value if they can be executed on an brought to life. The team at CURTIS Digital has been focused for last 12 years on developing solutions that fit many shapes and sizes. Ranging from small point solutions and marcomm enablement to large scale infrastructure and outsourced product development.


Application Development

For any of your enterprise application solutions, look no further. Our team of dedicated and experienced enterprise application developers will see to it that you receive world-class quality enterprise application development services. For starters, the CURTIS Digital team is focused on…

Mobile Application Development

As smaller technology catches up with the processing power of larger computers, a whole new medium for marketing and sales has emerged in the form of smartphones. These mobile computing platforms feature touch screens, mobile internet access and power rivaling that of modern handheld gaming devices…

Web Development

Our web application development and custom software development services include everything from a simple content web site application to the most complex web-based Internet applications, electronic business applications and social network services. CURTIS Digital specializes in custom web application development services …

Enterprise Portal Development

A company can acquire a significant competitive edge through portals which use modern technologies to improve business to business (B2B) communication and interaction, streamline financial operations and optimize expenditures…

Data Architecture

What’s the most important asset to your organization? If you pose this question to 10 different people, you’ll most likely receive 10 different answers. We surmise that most people will not coin “data” as the most important asset of their organization. However, we believe data is one of the most essential assets in any organization …


QA and QC refer to Quality Assurance and Quality Control, respectively. The two concepts are related in that they help ensure a professional, quality product is delivered; yet, there are subtle differences between them. Both practices have been a part of production since the time of guilds in the Middle Ages and are no less important …

Data Management & Warehousing

Like most large enterprises, you rely on your ability to perform complicated queries with large volumes of data. This ability makes it possible for your organization to develop a clearer picture of the current business conditions. A data warehouse is nothing more than a system that assists managers with data storage and extraction whenever they need it. It’s essentially a collection of all the different databases located

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