Software Development


QA & QC (Quality Assurance and Quality Control) are two important processes in software development that help to ensure that a high-quality product is delivered. Quality Assurance (QA) focuses on the process of developing and maintaining effective production standards, while Quality Control (QC) ensures that those standards are met.

At CURTIS Digital, we understand the importance of both QA and QC in the software development process. Our experienced team of professionals use industry best practices when developing applications, helping to guarantee that your product meets the highest possible quality standards.

Before any code is written or shipped off for testing, our developers ensure that all requirements have been met by conducting reviews both internally and externally. This helps identify any potential issues early on so they can be quickly addressed before they become major problems down the line. We also provide advice on how to design test cases accurately and efficiently, helping to reduce time spent in testing cycles.

Once an application has been developed, our team utilizes both manual testing as well as automated testing tools such as Cucumber, Selenium and Appium for functional tests such as regression testing, integration testing and system-level acceptance tests. Our engineers also utilize tools such as SonarQube for continuous code analysis to further manage quality assurance throughout each stage of the development process.

In addition to this, CURTIS Digital also offers performance monitoring services which help identify any potential performance bottlenecks or bugs within an application before they become full-fledged issues. This helps keep your user experience running smoothly at all times while also helping you stay one step ahead of the competition.

When it comes to QA & QC, we never take shortcuts – ensuring that every base is covered during each phase of the development cycle allows us to deliver only the highest quality products for our clients’ projects every single time. With CURTIS Digital handling your Quality Assurance and Quality Control needs you can feel confident knowing that you’re getting nothing but the best from start to finish!