Project Details

Stream Course-Builder Automation Tool

The Stream Course-Builder Automation Tool is a system created for H2O Partners, Inc. that consolidated their FEMA course creation process into a single application.
  • Ability to FEMA create courses with multiple page types inside a friendly, easy-to-use portal
  • Ability to publish courses online in order to quickly gather feedback
  • Review cycle management to facilitate sign-off from major course stakeholders
  •  Ability to generate FEMA approved, SCORM-compliant HTML files for completed courses 

Initial Problem

H2O Partners, Inc. initially approached CURTIS Digital for help with developing three different FEMA Adjuster online training courses. FEMA’s compliance requirements dictated that these courses be SCORM-compliant developed using Adobe Dreamweaver; however, coding in Dreamweaver can be tedious. 

In order to “stream"line the tremendous amount of effort involved in FEMA course creation, CURTIS Digital proposed a unique solution: why not build a course creation tool that would erase the need for developers entirely? 

The Stream Solution

Stream is a custom web portal that allows users to easily create courses for FEMA without needed to code them in Dreamweaver. Users can login to stream and create new courses and their associated pages with images, copy, and links. Stream has several unique templates already hard-coded, and allows its users to create both simple page layouts and more complex pages like quizzes.

Once a course is ready for review, users can publish a web version of the course storyboard that acts like a real FEMA course. This allows for H2O to quickly QA the course and make sure it “feels" good before exporting the FEMA-compliant course HTML.

The Stream portal has a lot of unique features aimed at optimizing the course development process, including dashboard metrics around number of changes made and course completeness, the ability to audit who has or hasn’t approved a course for compiling, the ability to view changes between different page versions, and excellent version control so that multiple people can edit the same project as the same time without overwriting each other’s work.


Stream allows H2O and its content team to work more efficiently without the need for a Dreamweaver resource. Not only is the entire course creation process much simpler since they can easily generate course previews, they have also been able to save money by creating the courses themselves. 


The Technology We Used:

  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • Angular
  • Node.js

Inside the Application

About H2O Partners, Inc.

H2O has served as the NFIP Stakeholder Training and Delivery Contractor for FEMA since 2008 and has trained more than a quarter million agents, adjusters, and other stakeholders on the programmatic requirements of the NFIP. Their team provides high-quality instructional design and expert delivery to help agents and claims adjusters stay up to date on regulations and requirements.

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