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RiskView cuts BIG data down to size
  • Enterprise Risk Management Desktop Application used by Financial and MSO Sector.
  • Indentifies and manages all potential areas of risk and renders data into visual format.
  • Computation engine that accommodates “big data” and math functions dymanically.

RiskView is Big Data Visualized

Lou Steinberg, CTO of Ameritrade and founder of Rev2, is cognizant of the needs of managing enterprise level business processes to an extent that allows him to identify and devise cutting edge technological solutions for which to address them. Through his extensive professional experiences, he has been able to see how detrimental risk management is to any organization, and how impossible it was to thoroughly identify them. What he then envisioned was a groundbreaking technology that ascertained all hidden risks for any type organization of any size .

CURTIS Digital has a great combination of in-depth business knowledge and experience with an equally strong level of technology to provide our company with solutions to many business needs.

CURTIS Digital has worked with us for more than four years to develop and improve our business risk analytics software. Their customer-centric approach enables them to be a natural extension of our team and an ongoing resource for the development of our technologies to equip our clients with the latest solutions possible.

When hiring a consulting firm, there is typically a learning curve that requires allocating time and money to the effort. With CURTIS Digital, they were up to speed and making progress from day one. Many companies can provide technology solutions, but CURTIS Digital combined solutions with business knowledge and provided options to help us solve our challenges.

Robert Cruickshank, CEO & CTO, Rev2

CURTIS Digital took a single look at a brief 3 page document and transformed Rev2’s concept into a cutting edge data visualization engine known as RiskView. It is an exhaustive software application that computes “big data” and math functions dynamically and translates the complex output into a graphic visualization. RiskView has the capability to stealthily process 500 million records in a single instance identifying organizational vulnerabilities from anything such as recurring issues specific to any group whether a geographic region or a business unit, technical or facility maintenance issues, rogue devices, double entry, to identity theft.

RiskView is predominantly in use with: Service Providers minimizing outages and improving services; Manufacturers discerning issues in supply chain, the Financial Sector where it correlates data from corporate silos across the entire organization; Government detecting vulnerabilities from a broad and deep spectrum of sources.


The Technology We Used:

  • MS SQL 2008 r2
  • CSS3
  • .NET 4.0
  • Telerik Controls
  • jQuery

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