Project Details

MESH Warranty Manager

A Serial and Warranty Management System developed for Motorola Solutions.
  • HTML5 Website and Compiled iPad Application
  • Interactive Product Demonstration
  • Medical Product Sales and Training Tool

MOTOROLA Solutions mesh warranty manager

When an existing vendor relationship was ending, Motorola Solutions turned to CURTIS Digital to rebrand and merge two existing CMS sites into a consolidated administrative CMS and rebranded a front-side website for customers to register new products as well as view existing product registrations and warranties.  This project required that we work with a large multi-division stakeholder team spanning marketing, product, and technical and sales fulfillment teams to understand sales processes, existing system requirements and new desired functionality as well as integrate the system into the Motorola Solutions website.

Upon project execution, we worked with all stakeholder teams to capture and document project requirements.  CURTIS Digital’s user experience experts then analyzed existing flows and system processes to create a comprehensive system wireframe which introduced consolidated flows and streamlined processes.  An example of this process enhancement was a change to the way serial numbers were added and mapped to available product warranties by product administrators.  Once products are sold, the purchase and warranty details are sent to the MESH Warranty Management system.  As orders are fulfilled, serial numbers need to be mapped to the customer and warranty information in the database.  Under the previous system, product administrators contacted the previous vendor’s support team to add new serial numbers to the system database via a complicated excel document.  The new system allows product admins to upload simplified excel documents and mapping is completed in minutes.  This streamlined process allowed Motorola Solutions to eliminate vendor fees associated to this task and service their customers more quickly.

As mentioned above, the MESH Warranty Manager system integrates with the Motorola Solutions sales process once purchases of MESH products have been made.  Sales details are sent to the new system where they are parsed and added to the system database which automatically calculates available warranty periods based on product ship dates and eligibility rules.  MESH customers are able to check their warranty periods and software updates via the rebranded front-side by a form submission all without leaving the Motorola Solutions website.

CURTIS Digital continues to host and maintain the MESH Warranty Manager system for Motorola Solutions.  The system has been visited by tens of thousands of MESH customers and is updated frequently with new product releases and documentation updates.


The Technology We Used:

Client Side

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

Server Side

  • MeVe
  • C#
  • .NET 4.0
  • Spark ViewEngine

About Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions serves both enterprise and government customers with core markets in public safety government agencies and commercial enterprises. Their leadership in these areas includes public safety communications from infrastructure to applications and devices such as radios as well as task-specific mobile computing devices for enterprises. Motorola Solutions produces advanced data capture devices such as barcode scanners and RFID (radio-frequency identification) products for business. They make professional and commercial two-way radios for a variety of markets, and also bring unlicensed wireless broadband capabilities and wireless local area networks – or WLAN – to retail enterprises.

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