Project Details

Healthcare Mobile Application

Updates to an existing healthcare iPhone application to add functionality and make content available offline.
  • Monthly Database Updates
  • User Experience Enhancements
  • Architecture Overhaul to Make Application Offline Compatible

CURTIS Digital partnered with a local independent healthcare advertising agency to make updates to an existing iPhone application which provided a method of users to locate medical practitioners, pharmacies, and emergency services in their customer’s coverage area. Upon project review, CURTIS Digital recommended an architectural overhaul that would allow the application to work offline, add additional functionality and simplify the addition of data to the application without submission through the Apple store. Each of these updates resulted in higher functioning application with more relevant data at user’s fingertips quicker than ever before.

The client, a collaborative health care system which encompasses one of the nation’s largest multi-specialty group practices, provided monthly database exports in the form of several .txt files. CURTIS Digital developed and implemented a solution which parsed these .txt files to create a consolidated data reference for the application to pull from. This external source of content was securely hosted by CURTIS Digital and updated each month or as requested.

A major issue with the previous architecture of the application was its dependency on an internet connection to display data. If a user attempted to access the application while offline, the application did not display any information – making the application essentially unusable. By shipping the application with a database which could be resubmitted to Apple quarterly, if a user was offline, the application would at a minimum provide it’s users with a reasonably amount of data to help them find the contact information they needed. If a connection was detected, the application connected to the external data source which overwrote the existing database with updated data.

In addition to the offline compatibility and data usability, the application was also updated to include an additional branch of provider data. CURTIS Digital’s user experience team changed the way data was presented to accommodate this change in the UI.


The Technology We Used:

  • .NET
  • SQL
  • Bootstrap
  • MVC
  • CSS3
  • jQuery

About Scott and White Healthcare

Scott & White Healthcare is a non-profit collaborative health care system which encompasses one of the nation’s largest multi-specialty group practices. Scott & White provides personalized, comprehensive, high-quality care enhanced by medical education and research to Central Texans in a 29,000-square-mile service area. The system owns, partners or manages 12 acute care hospital sites, one emergency hospital site, more than 140 clinics at more than 70 primary care and specialty clinic locations and a 215,000+ member health plan.

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