Project Details

Healthcare Guidance & Cross Selling App

iPad application to assist global sales representatives with talking points and digital assets for solutions selling.
  • Single Page Application for Complex Data
  • Global Selling Audience
  • Third Party Document Management Integration

Partnering with a local independent healthcare advertising agency, CURTIS Digital helped conceptualized and developed an iPad application which helps sales representatives refine their pitch and promote the cross selling of products.

By participating in early product conceptualization meetings, we were able to bring a creative, yet simple technical solution to a complex business problem. Our client employs global sales representatives selling medical equipment to healthcare organizations and wanted to provide their sales reps with an iPad application to help communicate the company’s brand story and selling initiative: treating the body as a system. However, the brand story had almost 500 possible combinations! Our challenge was how to present this amount of data without overwhelming the UI and confusing the reps. CURTIS Digital worked with our partner to design a single page application which provides high level talking points based on filter selections in categories such as Indication, Area of Care, Specialty, and Products and visually highlights areas of the body to the sales rep.

In addition to messaging, the client wanted to encourage utilization of their propriety document management system. The application pulls in all permissible digital assets, based on the reps DMS rights, sorted by the selected filters. Reps can view PDFs, videos, and PowerPoint documents from within the application and email links to digital assets to sales targets. A key challenge with the integration with the DMS was that the application filters were not a 1 to 1 mapping to document filters. Our project teams worked closely with the third party vendor and client stakeholders to accurately map and test all possible combinations against the desired outputs.

As the documents and data in the application were proprietary to the client, application security was a critical project component. If the iPad was ever lost or stolen, our client needed a way to prevent the loss of data. We implemented application log in with enhanced security features and a way to remotely block access to the application.


The Technology We Used:

  • .NET
  • SQL
  • Bootstrap
  • MVC
  • CSS3
  • jQuery

About Covidien

Covidien is a $10.2 billon dollar global market leader who’s key brands (Kendall, Nellcor, Puritan-Bennett and Valleylab) are known and respected worldwide for uncompromising quality. Covidien offers an extensive healthcare product line that spans medical devices, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

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