Project Details

Healthcare Account Opportunity Analysis Tool

Transformed a PDF document requiring manual calculations into an iPad application automated tool.
  • CURTIS Digital User Experience (UX) Team turned a PDF into iPad Application
  • Tool identified opportunities to increase market share
  • Help promote defined best practices among Physicians

Background: Field-sales Representatives care a lot about time

Partnering with a local independent healthcare advertising agency, CURTIS Digital gathered specifications, created wireframes, and developed a custom iPad application for Alcon. 

Alcon’s sales representatives were provided with a PDF assessment document which helped them identify areas of improvement and additional sales opportunities within eye care practices utilizing Alcon equipment. Sales Representatives go on-site to their customer’s facilities for multiple day long visits where they observed appointments. Reps would complete the internal PDF assessments and turn them into their supervisors in hard copy format. To use the PDF, the sales representative would have to perform complex math calculations to assign a value to the Assessment. There were several challenges with the PDF such as mathematical errors, document loss, and illegibility. 

Solution: Go digital in the field, manage metrics at home base. 

By replacing the PDF version with an iPad application, these issues were resolved, while providing additional functionality such as client organization, historical log and access to assessments, and digital submission of data to company headquarters.

CURTIS Digital’s User Experience experts turned the existing five page PDF document into specifications for an iPad application. Within the application sales representatives are able to organize their sales targets by practices, add surgeons and then add assessments.

Each assessment lead the user through a series of questions within key sections (such as Clinical Success, Lifestyle Assessment, Staff Training, and Patient Experience). Within each section the assessment included subcategories and finally several questions with a 1 – 5 value assessment. Additionally, some questions prompted the user for text inputs. At any time throughout the assessment the application allowed sales reps to capture notes. The application organized all notes based on location area of the assessment they were captured in. All notes were accessible to the rep to help them complete the assessment and compare against subsequent assessments.

We worked with the customer to determine the desired calculations and mapped the calculations in each category with company recommendations. These recommendations allowed Alcon to help their reps identify additional sales opportunities and target areas of improvements. Where previously reps would return to the office, complete the assessment, and mail hard copy PDF or PPT assets to the practices, the iPad application provided these documents immediately and allowed reps to email the assets to the doctor immediately.

Wireframes are essential for stakeholder alignment in large organizations


The Technology we used

  • Axure - Wireframing and prototyping application 
  • HTML5 - Modern approach and framework for web applications
  • Sencha/Extjs - UI interface library for enterprise applications
  • Phonegap - Cross device mobile application framework
  • CSS3 - Creating seamless translation from design to functional web experiences 

About Alcon

Alcon’s leadership is grounded in cutting-edge innovation and breakthrough technology, transforming the way we treat eye diseases and conditions. We offer a broad spectrum of eye care products and are organized into two businesses: Surgical and Vision Care.

Surgical – Alcon offers the industry’s most complete line of ophthalmic surgical products, enabling surgeons to achieve the best results for their patients. Our surgical portfolio includes technologies and devices for cataract, retinal, glaucoma and refractive surgery, as well as advanced technology intraocular lenses (ATIOLs) to treat cataracts and refractive errors, like presbyopia and astigmatism. We also provide advanced viscoelastics, surgical solutions, surgical packs, and other disposable products for cataract and vitreoretinal surgery.

Vision Care – Through the integration of CIBA VISION , Alcon is now one of the largest manufacturers of contact lenses and lens care products. Our Vision Care portfolio offers daily disposable, monthly replacement and color-enhancing contact lenses for comfortable and convenient vision correction options. We also have a complete line of contact lens care products. These include multi-purpose and hydrogen-peroxide based solutions to clean, rinse and disinfect contact lenses; rewetting drops to provide added comfort throughout the day; and daily protein remover that removes protein deposits from lenses.

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