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Artist Growth

2012 Best Music App from MTV O Music Award makes some serious waves.
  • Content Management System & Client Portal
  • iPhone and Android Mobile Applications
  • Comprehensive Finance and Inventory Management
  • Social Media Network Management
  • Contact List Management
  • Event & Task Management

An App That Makes Independent Rock ‘n Roll

The music industry has evolved immensely in the last 10 years, morphing into a completely different business model, catalyzed greatly by web and mobile technologies. Modern computers paired with the Internet have empowered musicians to take complete control of every aspect of their career. From recording and sound engineering, physical and digital distribution, sourcing, producing and selling of merchandise, to booking gigs and managing publishing and copyrights. Independent artists are free to just be and succeed on their own terms. There in lies the obstacle: with so many elements to the art creation and managing of business tasks, and even more options to administer each of these elements separately, how is one to handle so much?

That exact quandary for Co-Founders of Artist Growth, LLC; Matt Urmy, Jonathan Sexton and partner Joey Dempster, was the basis of their union. As independent musicians and entrepreneurs, this was a challenge they directly confronted, and were resolute to solve through the innovation of an all-inclusive mobile application.

Artist Growth commissioned CURTIS Digital to define, design, develop and launch the Artist Growth system within 6 months. In this short timeframe, CURTIS Digital took the lofty vision of 3 artists and developed an unprecedented fully integrated mobile software platform. This award-winning mobile application enables musicians to manage their finances, performance royalties, merchandise inventory, gigs and schedules as well as gain access to career tips, tools and advice from industry insiders. Artists are also able to integrate social media networks and build a detailed media contact list from Artist Growth’s extensive contact database.


The Technology we used

  • iOS SDK
  • Objectvice-C
  • Cocoa
  • EventKit SDK
  • C# .net 4.0 (MVC razor and WCF)
  • RESTful Web Services
  • JSON, jQuery and jQuery plugins
  • TinyCMS
  • RestKit
  • ASIHTTPRequest (BSD)
  • Mason AWS – Webservers & Environment
  • TinyCDN
  • CURTIS Digital.resizer library
  • OpenGL
  • SQL-lite and/or Core Data
  • Charting library
  • HTML4 Strict / HTML5 / CSS3
  • Windows 2008 R2 x64 Server
  • Microsoft 2008 SQL Server x64
  • Sha-256 Hash Functions
  • Excel Data Writers

About Artist Growth

Artist Growth is a cloud-based touring and music business management application. Numerous artist managers, tour managers, and musicians use Artist Growth to boost team collaboration, simplify event logistics, track finances, automate ticket requests, quickly find files, and consolidate data.

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