Automated Form Testing Gives SecureLink Confidence in its Web-Based Marketing

Partnering with a Technology Leader

Based in Austin, Texas, SecureLink is a leader in providing vendor privileged access and remote support solutions across a wide range of markets. The company partners with over 30,000 organizations in industries such as retail, gaming, legal, healthcare and financial services. These businesses depend on SecureLink to provide well-functioning VPN alternatives.

At the same time, SecureLink is dependent on several partners for its own growth. The company works with Marketo for most of its marketing materials and CURTIS Digital as its website vendor. The majority of SecureLink’s leads come through its website and are generated through online forms. If these elements do not work properly, SecureLink will miss out on potential clients.

Recognizing the Problem

One of the challenges of third-party forms offered by companies like Marketo, Eloqua, and Pardot is tracking their effectiveness. For SecureLink, the only way they could audit the effectiveness of their forms was by counting the number of leads they generated. Their marketing staff could not see how many people viewed the site and never submitted a form, nor could they see how many people filled out a form that was processed improperly.

What they could see was that they had several weeks with lower lead generation numbers than usual. For the company, this pointed to two possibilities that would require very different costs and strategies. If people were viewing the site and not submitting information, it would suggest a marketing issue. Time and money would be required to update the site and develop a new marketing strategy. If people were losing interest in the business itself, it would be time for some serious reflection.

On the other hand, a technical issue with form submission would be far less dramatic though still difficult to trace and fix. One of the challenges involved in tracking website-related issues is that people access the site through a variety of browsers and operating systems. According to SecureLink’s Google Analytics, 80% of their customers were accessing the forms using nine different browser/operating system combinations. Diagnosing the problem manually would take a significant amount of time.

As their website vendor, CURTIS Digital had already been doing some form testing. Every time there was a major update of the site, CURTIS Digital tested all 80 forms on the SecureLink site to ensure that the update did not create a conflict with the form’s third-party JavaScript. However, it took more than two hours to test a single browser/operating system combination manually. Regularly testing for every combination would involve some serious labor and expense.

CURTIS Digital’s Automated Solution

CURTIS Digital knew that there had to be an easier way to test the forms without hours of manual entry. Using a suite of Selenium scripts, they devised a way to submit all 80 forms on a daily basis from each of the major combinations of browsers and operating systems. Since the deployment of this script package in July of 2019, it has submitted more than 100,000 forms on behalf of SecureLink. Instead of a process that would use staff hours and result in less frequent testing, the CURTIS Digital solution gives a daily report that lets SecureLink know that everything is running smoothly.

Daily testing is a huge advantage since SecureLink’s form submission depends on several technology companies that periodically change and update their products. Every update can have unintended consequences as different programs interact.

The Selenium scripts let SecureLink know if there are problems related to website code change, issues caused by browser updates and, importantly, technical issues with the forms themselves. For example, a recent update to the Firefox browser created a connection issue between a form and its thank-you page. This might cause confusion for a potential client and lead to a missed opportunity. CURTIS Digital was able to pinpoint the problem and create a solution quickly.

CURTIS Digital was also able to help SecureLink when they realized that 10% of the people viewing the website were unable to see the forms. Ad-blocking software or browsers that block third-party cookies would keep the forms from appearing on the screen. Once again, CURTIS Digital was able to trace the problem and offer a solution.

Thanks to help from CURTIS Digital, SecureLink continues to use its third-party forms as a marketing tool without hindrance. Whether it is Marketo forms or other third-party elements, CURTIS Digital’s comprehensive website development skills allow companies like SecureLink to trust that their website will reliably generate leads and facilitate a smooth client interaction.

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