User Experience Design

There is nothing cookie cutter about software, application or site design. Every business has different goals. Every project has different users. Every user has a different mind and experiences — all which affects the way they think about the world and how they interact with technology.

At CURTIS Digital, we put the user first in everything we design and develop, but balance this dedication to the end-users with your business goals. The end result is not only impactful, effective, and profitable, but also aesthetically pleasing and a joy to use. Check out how our UX capabilities can power your business.


User Research

It’s probably not the best or the wisest strategy to invite total strangers to a party. When it comes to our projects, we prefer to get to know each…

Information Architecture

For as long as we know humans have pondered how to create, display, preserve, organize and even manipulate information. This need only intensified as simple websites grew into large-scale, highly complex websites in the late 1990s. Really, this is when Information Architecture officially came on the scene. Now IA is an intrinsic …

Interaction Design

With the increasing complexity and sophistication of large-scale websites and applications, the lines between information architecture …


As UX Designers and developers, we have opinions and we have a lot of answers but we don’t always know what’s best for the user. Sure UXers have a ton of experience in this arena and apply best practices and guidelines. Yet, ultimately it’s the user who tells us how great a UI design truly is. This is where rapid prototyping …

Content Strategy

So we’ve covered all the bases — user research, information architecture, interaction design, prototyping, user testing — everything UX …

Usability Testing

There’s a common misconception that user testing is super expensive and highly complex — only adding to the overall expense of the project and providing little value to be justifiable. It certainly does hold tremendous value and it doesn’t have to involve a large group of test subjects unless many distinctly different user groups have …

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