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Product Roadmapping

You have the most innovative software ideas in your particular market, but you’re not entirely sure how to get from the product development to getting it on the shelf — online. Product roadmapping is a very beneficial process that “maps” out how to go from A to Z. While you might not think that creating a roadmap is a very important use of your time, your investors and shareholders will ask for this information to determine whether or not the project would be feasible to begin (and often overlooked…maintained). The more professional, thorough and focused your product roadmap is, the more likely you’ll receive the proper permissions, funding, and resources to proceed. Beyond distinct buy-in, there’s also a lot less risk when you align your product to an end goal or path.

Distilling Your Big Ideas

When looking for the right company to build your product roadmap, it’s best to find a team that can distill all of your ideas into a single document. One of the services that we provide is an onsite intensive workshop or shall we say, brainstorm session? This will effectively get all of the ideas and requirements out on the table and facilitate essential out-of-the-box thinking. Once the product is defined, every detail is clearly presented in a unified document.

The best part about leveraging the CURTIS Digital team for this process is that we don’t have to stop at assisting you with just the ideation. We can build your ideas that we helped you define. The last thing you need is a consulting firm with ideas that are unrealistic or add to your operating constraints.

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