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As the web continues to evolve, equal web access for disadvantaged users is a cardinal element and provocative problem for web developers and designers. As technology moves forward, we will witness a transition of what disadvantaged means. Today it means, visually impaired users or those with other accessibility issues. To us techy folks, it also means aspects like IE8 and mobility.

How people access and consume content is a greater challenge and should be a core aspect of any overall user experience. We also look at search engines as accessibility users, which is why we often scope SEO with 508, together.

Fundamental to Your Business and Your Users

Accessibility is essentially a call for necessity and responsibility — in some cases, legality. A startling example is the fact that the population of distant learners with disabilities worldwide is skyrocketing. There is a need to provide accessible and reliable online resources aside from a legal mandate for equal access to education and the surge of assistive technologies. Accessibility should be a fundamental requirement in all organizations and their divisions and all other service platforms. The need for accessibility is directly proportional to our reliance on technology, information processing and the use of social media.

Financial losses can be avoided if we only comply with all required guidelines and laws by the government as well as international organizations. Abiding by the accessibility regulations will not hurt your organization, but rather will give you the opportunity to reach out to a bigger audience.

Part of the CURTIS Digital Process

Now that we have covered the groundwork; next in line is how the usability test will be conducted. There are several methods that can be applied based on the project timeline, scope and client preference.

The CURTIS Digital team is here to enhance your information, communication and technology systems through the implementation of effective and tested approaches — making all vital elements more accessible to each of your users including the disadvantaged ones. We can identify the existing accessibility gaps, provide enhancement recommendations and match them to your specific business requirements. The final solution will create long-lasting impact and extend your overall market reach.

At CURTIS Digital, we employ a verified established program on accessibility management that is the industry’s primary on-demand solution. It amalgamates the technical and business aspects of complying with policies and regulations such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Assistive Technology Act and Section 508 Accessibility Standards.

If you haven’t already, you won’t regret jumping on the compliance and accessibility bandwagon — trust us.

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