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QA and QC refer to Quality Assurance and Quality Control, respectively. The two concepts are related in that they help ensure a professional, quality product is delivered; yet, there are subtle differences between them. Both practices have been a part of production since the time of guilds in the Middle Ages and are no less important today.

What is QA All About?

QA deals with the process used to create the product. It can be thought of as implementing appropriate steps in the manufacturing or creation stages in order to consistently produce quality at the end. QA focuses on developing systematic steps and testing procedures to put out a product without errors the very first time, which prevents the costs associated with having to make updates to the product.

And What About QC?

In contrast, QC tends to deal more specifically with the final product. The QC process includes performing inspections and tests to determine if the product is up to the defined standards. This is usually accomplished by testing a certain percentage of the units that are supposedly ready to ship to market. If any errors or problems are found in the product, then analysis is performed to determine if the errors are expected and tolerable, or if the product needs reworking in order to meet standards. A QC analysis will usually go through lists of specific issues that are unacceptable in the final product.

At CURTIS Digital, we take product quality very seriously. To us there are no compromises when it comes to QA and QC. We rigorously test our projects front to back until every bit of data and functionality has been tested and every gap identified.

We also do third-party QA and QC. Bringing in an outside firm for QA and QC services can make for a dramatically improved process. While the development team should always be worried about quality, adding another set of eyes and testers to the mix can have significant results. An objective, external QA/QC service can perform the task without the possible problems subjectivity can cause, such as being too harsh or too lenient on the software’s qualities.

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