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As smaller technology catches up with the processing power of larger computers, a whole new medium for marketing and sales has emerged in the form of smartphones. These mobile computing platforms feature touch screens, mobile internet access and power rivalling that of modern handheld gaming devices. This makes them ideal media for useful applications. Applications that can take users directly to your website with an interface designed specifically for it, or games, like the wildly popular Angry Birds. Creating your ideal smartphone application in close collaboration with an experienced developer is a great investment, potentially reaching hundreds of millions of users.

Every project can certainly launch without being tested and we can hope that the entire team made the right choices for the users involved. The alternative is to identify potential pitfalls and issues before it’s out there on the marketplace, before a lot of money and effort have been spent and before phase 2.0 to address those pesky UX issues that could seriously prevent conversion.

According to research by Pew Research Center, around 58% of all mobile subscribers own a smartphone. It seems this trend will only continue as technology and production methods improve, making smartphones more affordable and therefore accessible to more users. Currently, there are also certain age ranges where smartphones are even more popular than the overall average. For ages 19-29, 83% of mobile subscribers own a smartphone. Ages 30-49 also have higher than average smartphone proliferation (74%). This makes application development even more enticing given the potential to reach the majority of the population.

Like computers, smartphones come with a number of different operating systems that have their own interfaces and programming languages.

Four operating systems account for 97.3% of the market:
  • Apple iOS (iPhone)
  • Android
  • Windows® Mobile
  • RIM® BlackBerry

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Many mobile app development companies are lacking the experience to make an enterprise application, one built for scale, and for a serious audience. CURTIS Digital is your answer and your partner, we have a long history in the enterprise space and have learned the lessons along the way that make us uniquely suited for many projects. If you think your projects unique or has some constraints that might be a challenge. We are here to talk today!

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