Data Management & Warehousing

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Big Data Starts With a Mindset

Like most large enterprises, you rely on your ability to perform complicated queries with large volumes of data. This ability makes it possible for your organization to develop a clearer picture of the current business conditions. A data warehouse is nothing more than a system that assists managers with data storage and extraction whenever they need it. It’s essentially a collection of all the different databases located throughout your enterprise.

The best data warehousing systems will be able to mine and selectively extract relevant data and store it in an organized way that makes sense to humans in addition to machines.

How Warehouses Handle Data

Data warehouses use multiple layers to contain functions. These include staging, integration and access. Staging is the temporary storage area before the data is transferred from its original location to the data warehouse. The data is transformed at the integration layer and stores the data in the operational data store. When the data arrives at the data warehouse database, it’s organized into hierarchical groups.

Data Warehousing is a Part of Your Data Management Strategy

Data warehousing is a crucial aspect of data management, which concerns itself with the analysis, maintenance, security, erasure, integrity, mining and the transportation of data. As you know, data plays a crucial role in your business decisions. Data is also needed to allow employees to do their jobs. They cannot do their jobs correctly unless the data that they are working with is 100% accurate and can be accessed without unnecessary searching. Database management goes beyond efficient information access. It also considers the analysis and presentation of data and proper data classification for storage and organization purposes. The data must also be secure from hacking attempts and fully backed up, so that data can be restored in the event of an outage.

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