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Aligning Business Insight with Technology

When your business is looking to develop a technology plan, or rather a plan that relies on technology, it becomes imperative to seek outside help. That’s why we are here. A good technology consultant looks for any way to help your business leverage what you have and get what you need.

There are many reasons that you would need IT consultants to come in to help your business develop an IT strategy. Many IT consultants have spent many years learning the ins and outs of Information Technology. This means an IT consultant is someone who knows how to successfully set up an IT department and develop optimized workflow. There are also times when you might need an IT person for a temporary project, or if you need to outsource any or all of your IT needs. Most of the time, an IT consultant is sourced to serve as an impartial party to observe how you are doing and offer enhancements.

These are just a few examples of how to utilize a team like ours. We do more than just meet your expectations, we aim to exceed them. Specific technical knowledge is a critical element to understanding and identifying what your IT needs even are. CURTIS Digital’s team is perceptive of those details that remain unspoken, unrecognized and misunderstood. As IT consultants, we have very specific goals when it comes to doing our job. 

We have five principles which lead our approach:

  1. Understand the client and their needs.
  2. Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of internal and external teams/assets, business and other stakeholders.
  3. Help the client to actualize success.
  4. Understand the political landscape and decision maker needs.
  5. Maintain focus on results and fulfillment.

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