Release Management

So much more than an eye on the schedule

Develop. Test. Release. Repeat.

Software project managers are expected to play many roles throughout the release management process. They work with many different departments, from sales and marketing, to testing, to the actual programming staff. In short, they have their hands in everything project related. Frequently, they have many different deliverables on their plate to stay on target and budget. PMs pretty much carry an enormous amount of responsibility for both the team and the project.

Typically the project gets kicked off by outlining deliverables and the deadline for each. In PM lingo it’s called a “work breakdown structure.” The work breakdown structure is then used by the project manager to inform and make resource decisions. At the end of the day, the purpose of the planning process is to establish a project deadline — so that everyone and everything remains on target.

Once the work breakdown deliverable is completed, the PM assigns the different project tasks to the team members. When the assigned deliverable is completed, the results are presented to the PM and the rest of the team. When completed the deliverables are integrated into the final product and then rigorously tested by our engineers. The bugs are reported to the project manager to ensure the bugs are addressed by the appropriate team members. This process is repeated until the the final product is flawless for final client approval.

Getting Some Buzz Started

For some added product buzz, it’s not uncommon for companies to generate PR around their launch well ahead of the scheduled date. We work closely with marketing and PR teams to provide pertinent product information and gather the business aspects that aren’t as obvious in the “pure” software portion of the release.

Come time for the release, the team that develops it might find that they need to release updates to the code. This is where strict version control is necessary so that our clients can easily make software updates in the form of release packages.

With great design and code, a top-notch software product is most definitely not out of reach.

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