Project Execution

So much more than an eye on the schedule

Putting the project into high gear

The third phase of the project management lifecycle, project execution puts the project plan and requirements management into action. During this phase the PM coordinates and leads all the involved resources to meet the project objectives. At every step of the way, the CURTIS Digital PMs oversee each activity and deliverable.

For project kickoff, our PMs will:

  • Create a client workspace on SharePoint where all project milestones can be reviewed at any time
  • Set up a Core Team meeting invite for weekly check-in meetings
  • Work with our development team to set up the project beta system with appropriate applications/databases
  • Work with our development team to create a SVN repository for each project
  • Document all technical details and access credentials
  • Assign instructions to the team via a JIRA product backlog
  • Set up Scrum meeting for entire team for agile development

Beyond getting the team on the same page throughout the project, the PMs ensure that all activities and deliverables are performed in accordance with the project plan and the associated requirements. Throughout the project execution phase, CURTIS Digital PMs will monitor the project status and measure its overall performance to gather project benchmarks and to identify any potential pitfalls. This is where CURTIS Digital’s approach to Change Management comes in.

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