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An art. A science. A must-have for every project. Our software project managers are like ship captains who are bent on reaching the other end of the shore, no matter how harsh and stormy the sea may be. In a nutshell, they make sure that a client’s vision is translated into an awesome solution that is not only stunning, but also tangible and functional regardless of the complexity.

Software PMs hold one of the toughest, yet also most rewarding, jobs in IT. These are some of the fun and undeniably important tasks PMs do:


Project Planning

The adage “those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail,” is very much true in this stage of software development. That’s where our super PMs come in. They make sure they that a client’s vision is translated into an…

Requirements Management

This is probably the most important phase of systems development. The fate of the project, whether it gains wide acceptance or receives lukewarm reception, depends on how well the requirements determination phase unfolds…

Project Execution

The third phase of the project management lifecycle, project execution puts the project plan and requirements management into action. During this phase the PM coordinates and leads all the involved resources to meet the project objectives…

Budget Analysis

The overall success of a project is a project manager’s top priority. If a project goes wildly over-budget or out of scope (as they often can), it will not be considered a success, even if it’s delivered on time and meets the end user’s…

Change Management

This sentiment is so incredibly powerful as it relates to software development. It’s often our motto to the team and to clients as we work toward getting things done. Because of this, Change Management is a…

Release Management

Software project managers are expected to play many roles throughout the release management process. They work with many different departments, from sales and marketing, to testing…

Strategic IT Consulting

When your business is looking to develop a technology plan, or rather a plan that relies on technology, it becomes imperative to seek outside help. That’s why we are here.

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