CURTIS Digital tips for Agile User story workshops||CURTIS Digital has tips for successful User Story Workshops

An Agile Story can be defined as ” short, simple description of a feature told from the perspective of the person who desires the new capability, usually a user or customer of the system – Mike Cohn

CURTIS Digital has tips for successful User Story WorkshopsEarlier this year we had a complex CMS project where we needed to help the Project
Owner gather stories from internal stakeholders. We typically have a storybuilding workshop with our clients, but the number and locations of the stakeholders on this project made that unfeasible.

Normally when stakeholders are remote, we add them to our Jira Agile boards and have them submit tickets as stories. However, the complexity of the tickets was not something we wanted to introduce, as it could have gotten in the way of story building and progress. So, here is what we did.

We devised a quick form that allowed users to complete the necessary agile story sentence.

Then, we needed a tool for them to fill out the form quickly; it could have been an Excel or Word document, but then we had to deal with versioning and people completing the forms but not sending them in. Therefore, we needed a webpage that offered the ability to send ideas or thoughts quickly and easily. To address this need, we created the below page–feel free to interact with it.

Users submitted just over a couple hundred of these to our system. We were then able to go through the process of refining the stories, prioritizing them, and then getting them into the backlog.

CURTIS Digital puts a lot of stock in the User Story Workshop phase of the project, as it often sets the tone for how stakeholders will interact and feel in terms of the “dev team” truly understanding their needs and their communication.

Interested in working with us on your next project or just need help with User Stories? Complete the form below.

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